Friday, June 05, 2009

Gordon Brown Logic

Gordon Brown  is going to listen to what people are telling him...... but will ignore messages via the ballot box

Gordon Brown is going to clean up the electoral system..... by stuffing his cabinet full of unelected peers

Gordon Brown is getting on with the job.... that he has not been elected to do and refuses to seek any electoral mandate for

Gordon Brown is going to act decisively and take the tough decisions...... just as soon as his committee's, reviews and QUANGOS have all signed off on it first

Gordon Brown is restoring unity to Government.....  Whist his cabinet comrades are resigning and briefing against him, including press releases whilst he is on live TV

Vote Labour!

1 comment:

Tarquin said...

He's also 'cleaning up politics' - so he appoints Peter Hain...renowned crook who was literally fired for incompetence