Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nothing New To Say Still

My head is still swimming so nothing new to write about. But I do have a question.

Why are we prepared to pay so much for Tea & Coffee in cafes, restaurants, waiting rooms and on planes, when at the supermarket the equivalent tea bag or few coffee granules costs pennies.

High streets are full of gourmet coffee shops selling a Tea bag in hot water for over £2, when is the credit crunch going to shake us from our addiction for overpaying for this particular vice?

If I make a point of vocally refusing to pay so much, will you also do the same?

Off to the pub, back soon.


subrosa said...

I've never drunk caffinated tea or coffee for years and it's still impossible to get decaffinated tea in cafes. I used to manage to get a cup of hot water and that was fine but recently was charge £1 for it so I've stopped visiting these places.

You have to remember businesses need to make a reasonable profit and beverages give the best profit of all, it's just that some are exceptionally greedy.

Tarquin said...

You're paying for the service at the end of the day, it's a ridiculous amount but there you go - people are lazy and happy to pay, market forces and all that

Just never leave a tip

if it's any consolation starbuck's massively over-extended itself during the boom years

Blue Eyes said...

Don't worry about not having a incisive post every single day. Don't put yourself under that pressure or otherwise you will never be satisfied!

Write when you want and about what you want.

manc_ill_kid said...

That pub that you're off to, you can get beer for about £1 a can, yeah?