Friday, June 05, 2009

Worst Coup Ever?

Sky News have interviewed a couple of Labour MPs today (maybe more when I was not watching), who have been critical of Brown but have said that they have had no letter put to them.  Both did not rule out signing the letter.

Well firstly, this has to be one of the most poorly executed coups of all time, it does not have a figurehead and some of its potential supporters have not even been contacted.  What exactly is the plan here, ask people to send a response whilst not putting up an alternative?  All the while, Brown and his henchmen have been able to cajole senior figures into backing him publicly.

Secondly, we have all seen the letter, I published it here, so if you are a Labour MP, who wants to sign it, just print a copy on your letterhead, sign it, scan it and email it.  Simple.  I am not sure what the benefit is of being interviewed on TV news and supporting the need for a change of leader, and then not sending an email will achieve?  The whole world knows the email address.  Or is there some kind of etticate and engraved stationery required with leadership challenges?

With Alan Johnson becoming Home Secretary, and David Miliband keeping his job in the Foreign Office have the email plotters lost their chief candidates to replace Gordon Brown?  And if not, who is there left who is both credible and willing?


Ross said...

The coup has been pretty incompetent, I'd assumed that the problem with focusing on internal party politics was that it would distract them from the important stuff, but it turns out that they aren't even good at the internal party politics.

Man in a Shed said...

They are all just useless.

Brown most of all. Just listened to his press conference and its time we had a way of getting psychiatrists to check our top politicians.