Friday, June 05, 2009

I Think We Are Going To Have To Drag Him Out Of Downing Street

It is clear that Gordon Brown is not going to resign, and that the Labour Party Constitution is powerless to force his removal.

I am not sure that I know how to organise a revolution, but I really feel like marching up to Downing Street, tonight, and showing my disdain and hopefully if others feel the same to force the PM out.

I see Steve feels the same, Should we do it? - Who can make it tonight?

Or should I stay home and get drunk instead? - 

I think I know which.

19:52  - Belatedly checked spelling & grammar


subrosa said...

Never ever have I thought he would give up unless removed in a straight jacket. The man has a problem and it's nothing to do with his sight.

Tory Poppins said...

I'm currently frozen with horror. After watching him in that press conference I've pretty much lot the will to live!