Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Personal Good News

I am happy as I was sneaked the advance list of the Wikio Top 20 - not for politics, but for the Sports blogs and Football Banter made the top 10. The top 20 can be seen, here.

Great news, and some vindication as I nearly packed the football blog in a few months ago - Thankfully Tarquin came on board and maybe a few others will as well in the future.

I am not sure who got the Politics advance list, though I think it is safe to assume this blog has not scaled the heights that would qualify it for a top 20 slot, yet.


Anonymous said...

Although, all i know about football is 11 men kick a ball around...I think it's eleven?

Tory Poppins said...

Dan that's fab news!

I do actually like the footy - but probably not knowledgeable enough to make a coherent contribution to anyone's blog in the form of a comment!

Anyhow - well done you! :-)

Political Dissuasion said...

Cracking news indeed.

As you know, I'm rather partial to the blog and often sound off on my own footballing wisdom-filled ideas along the lines of 'Chris Brunt - God of the Midlands?'.

Top ten is indeed worthy of an applause. Well done to you and Tarquin...


Tarquin said...

Sweet - Nothing to do with me, I've made about five posts so far, but I'm glad to be involved with something that's going somewhere