Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Guardian Calls Time On Gordon Brown

The Guardian Editorial on tomorrows paper calls time on Gordon Browns Premiership and seeks a leadership change, though clearly they are not keen on a General Election and instead are seeking a vote and a new Prime Minister being installed from within the Labour Party and hope the Liberals will help prop them up.

Personally I do not think they go far enough, but it is clear that this nation and it's Government is crippled by the incompetence and overwhelming dislike for the Prime Minister.

This passage which I have lifted from the editorial is particularly telling, my emphasis is added:

The case for a new leader has been made stronger by the expenses crisis. Labour needs to enter the next election having reformed parliament. But Mr Brown will never do it. The prime minister was absent from the start of the debate and cautious now he has joined it. His instinct is usually to hesitate, and to establish reviews and commissions. Meanwhile, the chance of a generation is being missed.

Unfortunately the paper seems to fail to recognise that confidence in Parliament will not return with just a chance in PM, though it is clear they hope it will and that the Liberal Democrats will perform their progressive duties and help further a left-wing agenda in the remaining months until the clock runs out next May.

But the truth is Gordon Brown has not been elected as Prime Minister, that is his biggest problem whenever he faces anyone in an official capacity. So a patchwork Lib-Lab cabinet where the Lib Dems share in an equal deficit of electoral legitimacy will not wash with the public. Goodwill in the Labour party evaporated a long time ago.

Again, I say the only way to fix Parliament is to have an election, but at least the Guardian are now with the rest of the country in having no confidence in the Prime Minister.


Bill Quango MP said...

Good points. The Guardian hpoe a change in leader and a lib/lab pact will keep their benefactors in power.
Its a bit late for that. Poly has filp-flopped for far too long. Dithering between praise and despair for the leader.

Tarquin said...

It sickens me that anyone could possibly think a government can change its leader *twice* within a term, it was a pretty iffy affair before - but now we're within the final year, Parliament is wrecked, Labour are wrecked and that's a manifesto pledge broken twice

it's insane!!