Sunday, June 07, 2009

EU Election Prediction

Here is my national vote split prediction, feel free to leave yours in the comments:

Conservative - 32%

UKIP - 19%

Liberal Democrats - 18%

Labour - 16%

Green - 5%

Jury Team - 3%

BNP - 3%

Other - 4%

I have not got a brilliant record on predictions, but I have not let that stop me.


Catosays said...

Conservative - 33%

UKIP - 23%

Liberal Democrats - 14%

Labour - 14%

Green - 1%

Jury Team - 1%

BNP - 8%

Other - 4%

Bill Quango MP said...

Bit over on the blues Daniel1979.
And amazingly, too generous to the reds.

Tarquin said...

Sorry I missed the prediction, looks like you were spot on with 14% for LibDems

Otherwise bit harsh on the greens who got nearly 9%, the BNP got 6.5 and 'others' took nearly 9%

Labour the only party to lose seats and are now in a pathetic third - why can't Labour get the message?

Glenis Wilmott was shameless in solely blaming the expenses for their defeat - because those Tory duck pond houses were bound to be a vote winner eh?

Interesting how the LDs have lost out a fair bit, I can only think it's too do with their pro-EU stance