Monday, June 01, 2009

May StatPorn

Before I go through my customary routine of posting statporn on the first of each month, I have decided that this will be the last month which I will do this. Reason being that in April I was reading around (as I do) and the general consensus was, yawn, what a bore. So, to be consistent here are the stats for May, but I will not blog on this again unless there is a particular landmark or something a little more interesting to say. I will however continue to post a list of top referrals each month, as I appreciate the traffic and want to take the opportunity to say thanks for that. These may not be spectacular numbers in comparision to some of the big boys and MSM, but I still want to show my appreciation.

Anyway, traffic in May was again up month on month. I had 2,595 visits an increase of 224 or about 9%; of these 1450 were absolutely unique visitors up 171 or about 13%. Page views were 3,913 down 74 or down nearly 2%.
Referral traffic having dipped in April rebounded somewhat in May so here is an updated top 10, with positions moved within the top 10 in brackets.

1. (-) SNP Tactical Voting - 112 hits

2. (New) - 64 hits

3. (New) Subrosa - 58 hits

4. (-1) Scunnert Nation - 57 hits

5. (+2) Catosays (nee, Cato's About) - 56 hits

6. (-1) Tory Bear - 55 hits

7. (-1) Daily Referendum - 50 hits

=8. (+1) Events Dear Boy, Events - 38 hits

10. (New) Political Dissuasion - 37 hits

Thanks also to:
11. Behind Blue Eyes (36), 12. LabourHome (33), 13. John Ward (31), 14. Iain Dale (30), 15. Allan Wallace (29), 16. EU Referendum (28), 17. Centurean2 (27), 18. Unenlightened Commentary (26), =19. Defence of the Realm & Plato (24).

And to everyone else who has and continues to link here.

Direct hits in May was 330, down from 331 in April, but Blogger hits were up 13 to 311. Google organic hits was up 14 to 517 hits. Where as traffic on these three shot up in April and linked referrals fell, these have held firm as referrals grew contributing to a modest overall increase in May.

Google is still turning up quite a few hits for people looking for Jury Team and Gordon Browns appearance in South park - but there were no real stand out search terms so I will not bother with that this time.

So thanks for your visits, and for coming back. I appreciate all the hits, it would not really be worth me doing this if I did not have an audience. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments or if you prefer on email. I hope that do you find something of interest here.

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subrosa said...

Well done Dan. Stats are awful things because I find sometimes I take them to heart, so I seldom look at them.

Much better just to know who has read my scribblings :)