Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Email Sent To Labour MPs Urging Brown To Step Down

Here is the contents of the email circulating Labour MPs as per Sky News

Dear Gordon,

Over the last 12 years in government, and before, you have made an enormous contribution to this country and to the Labour Party, and this is very widely acknowledged.

However we are writing now because we believe that in the current political situation, you can best serve the Labour Party and the country by stepping down as party leader and prime minister, and so allowing the party to choose a new leader to take us into the next general election.


XXXX [ed - MP name - not kisses]

This email has been sent around to all Labour MPs and I think we all hope that those who agree are tech savvy enough to be able to log-in to their emails, sign it, scan and email it to which seems to be a kind of drop box. (And to those who set it up, if your waiting for 50 responses, don't forget to check you spam box; just in case!)

It was passed to Sky by a Labour MP so it must be doing the rounds of Labour MPs, and not be an opposition hoax.

Only when 50 names are received will they be published, and I believe 72 are needed to formally bring about a leadership contest. The commentators around Westminster are suggesting this is the start of, or at least the public outing of a plot to oust the Prime Minister, that will take shape over the weekend and into early next week.

It is a shame that we will need to wait so long for tomorrows elections to be counted as the results will be telling.

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