Thursday, December 10, 2009

MP's Expenses - The New Batch

These are online now for the latest period, go check out what your MP has claimed, HERE.

I got to page 2 and have just dicovered we are paying for my MP to have her Ironing done! (HERE)


Tarquin said...

bloody hell,

shout it from the rooftops to your regular middle-class tory voters that she can't iron her own bloody shirts

Tarquin said...

looking at mine - all I can find is an unattributed claim for maintenance at £400

oh and british gas have his name wrong


Fidothedog said...

Why iron when you can get the taxpayers to fund it?

Daniel1979 said...

They are not my "regular middle-class Tory" voters Tarquin. People can make their own minds up, some people won't care, but I do. At least this stuff is available for people to see now how their money is being spent. Shouting stuff like this from the rooftops is why I have this blog.

There is 1 quarter for 2009/10 published already today and loads of MP's have claimed £0 (thus far) - Sunlight is proving to be the best disinfectant to the excess and waste.