Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Part Of The Reason Why I am So Broke...

I have just stolen this graph from Mark Bathgate from Coffee House, and added the two points of reference.

Fig. 1 - Approx date my wife and I decided that we would get married in a very beautiful spot in Ireland.

Fig 2 - Actual date of wedding and of when most of the payments in Euro's was made.

The devaluation of Sterling hit us hard and very sharply as the favourable x-rate was slashed.

This is not the full story of why I am broke, to disclose it would result in a prompt ending of said marriage, and I am actually rather in love still; so I won't risk it.  (Plus rising cost of living and taxation along with pay reductions have not helped at all.) The moral of the post, like the disclaimers say, rates may go up as well as down - it is a risk.

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