Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

I am very excited, I have managed to download my prospective new template and have done some testing and I am loving the new format.

I may lose some of the existing functions, such as "reactions" and the re-tweet, but I think the improved layout will be worth it!  Anywho, what is sticking in my mind is, leaving the url as is, I am tempted to go with a new blog name (which as yet, I have not decided on).  Would anyone object to me changing the blog name?  I think "Daniel1979 Blog" is a little boring and not very eye-catching, nor memorable... I would like something a little more pithy.

If Christmas shopping can be kept to a minimum, I will probably look to roll it out here this weekend.

Any thoughts?


All Seeing Eye said...

Seems a good plan - I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

As for the blog name, how about running a competition for suggestions? Even if you don't choose any of them it could be a bit of fun!

Daniel1979 said...

I am open to suggestions A.S.E. Should anyone wish to make suggestions (that they don't mind that I use if I like it)

I am sat racking my brains now, I think a lot of good names are already out there, including the brilliantly titled "All Seeing Eye".. I have had a couple of good ideas, but they would not suit my blog so much as other types of blogs, or new blogs.

I should have been in bed hours ago! Night Night.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

It'll probably come to you at a time like this, in the small hours of a damp and dark winter's night.

A.S.E's suggestion for a competition sounds good. My entry is in the post if you decide to go with that particular idea :-)

subrosa said...

Dan's Diary? You're well known Dan so I don't see any problem especially if you keep Dan in the title somehow. Another could be Dan's Dreams but that sounds far too 'fluffy' even for me.

I'm jealous. I can't do anything other than blogger. :(

Goodnight Vienna said...

Has the competition started? Here's my contribution: Daniel's Den. Ho-ho. Good luck with the new format.

Daniel1979 said...

Corrugated Soundbite - another excellent name BTW... You are probably right about inspiration arriving when least expected; I am not very creative when it comes to myself. If someone else asked me, I would probably come up with 100 ideas straight away.

Subrosa - I am thrilled that you have re-opened your blog. I was also heartened to see the messages of support that you received from other bloggers.

My new format is a blogger template, but is not one of the "standard templates" listed via the dashboard. I have been playing around on a test version to get things where I want them. The brilliant thing about blogger is that things are kept very easy. I can feel my way around the HTML bit when I know where to look, but I can only really do very basic things that I can figure out by experimenting.

I may pop a post up after all is done with what I will have done, because it is not overly difficult for people with no technical-webby-code writing experience, though admittedly more complicated than working from the immediately available formats, which are very versatile.

Dan's Dreams is a little fluffy; but actually would not be too out of place with the new look.

Goodnight Vienna - Competition is indeed open, and I quite like Daniel's Den. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How about something short and sweet, like 20:20?

The Boiling Frog said...

I'm not sure I can think of any good names.

What about the title of this post; Thinking Out Loud?

I look forward to your new design, though.

All Seeing Eye said...

I thought of Thinking Out Loud too, Boiling, but took a look and its unfortunately being (under)used by a Canadian blogger.

Personally I favour the approach by blogger 'Screech'. He got wildly drunk on red wine a couple of weeks ago and registered "We've Got Lumps Of It Round The Back". Followed the next morning by a post on his main blog asking what to use it for!

I've noticed a few pub themes recently...Sadie's Tavern (closed of course) and Tory Tavern amongst others which gives a nice mine-host barkeep sort of conviviality. Frankly if I didn't have my interest in politics I'd have done an off the wall blog and called it something like Doughnut Theory or Aunt Maggot's Legacy or Harpoon Season and just seen how the cards fell for a theme. Maybe a newspaper style...The Parole Violators Bugle has a ring to it.

But politics it is for me.

Daniel1979 said...

.. Thinking Out Loud, not bad - and it never occurred to me! (D'Oh!)

I quite liked "Blog Monster" or "Blog Monsters" [me plus contributors]- but it feels more like a subversive blog than my particular brand of blog...

All my thoughts in the last few hours have been about trying to incorporate words such as "rugged" and/or "Handsome" into a cool sounding blog name... it's not going so well.

Daniel1979 said...

I may have it... I will let it mull in the brain for a day or two - it just came to me. It is a (made-up) word only referenced a handful of times on the Internet (according to Google and Bing) and seemingly not used as an URL nor as a blog or site name elsewhere.