Monday, December 14, 2009

Well Well Well, Look What Google UK Is Offering In Autosearch Now

What took them so long?


banned said...

Firstly a day or so ago Google had 29,000,000 results for 'climategate'
Just below the search box they now have
"New! Explore impact of climate change on Google Earth"
Gives the game away just a little bit.

I am Sick said...

Bing: climategate 55,000,000 hits.

Alta Vista: climategate 76,800,000 hits.

Google: climategate 21,400,000 hits.

It appears that Google`s first attempts to stifle this failed miserably, now they are massaging the hits down. Google are determined to hide, obfuscate and distort the climategate scandal. How very "progressive" of them.

All Seeing Eye said...

banned, how does that new GoogleEarth function work? Do I get to find out where the Goracle's house is and then simulate rising sea levels until his gaff is submerged? Sounds fun!