Monday, December 21, 2009

White Christmas

It has taken three hours to get home on a route that would take about twenty-five minutes in low traffic, and it was like driving on an ice rink the whole way.  I understand colleagues who left over an hour before me to do a longer journey have still not made it home.

I hope everyone is safe and anyone who has had to trek in this weather is OK.

I guess I will be working from home tomorrow now!...  Thank God for laptops and modern technology.


banned said...

No snow here but it has been bloody freezing with loads of ice everywhere. Police warn of fifty car accidents in 24 hours and that the raods have not been gritted ( local radio). No cries of WHY NOT?

The freeze began last Friday because that is when the local council closed down for two weeks Xmas holidays.
I expect that they will be out on Xmas day getting paid quadruple time for their efforts.

Fausty said...

I don't recall the UK (as a whole) having these problems prior to 1997. Could it be that then, councils had more cash to spend, that wasn't purloined by the government?

James Higham said...

Fairtale stuff.

Merry Christmas.