Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Voice Of The Prime Minister

Well done Guido, Iain Dale, et al for usurping Damian McPoison from Downing Street.

The NOTW will carry the story with the emails tomorrow. The fact that McBride has resigned should not stop us questioning Gordon Brown.

Was Gordon Brown aware of a plot, implicitly or otherwise from his Communications Team to smear senior Tories on these following points:

1. David Cameron had an embarrassing illness
2. Shadow Chancellor George Osborne's wife was "emotionally fragile" because she appeared upset at parties
3. A Tory MP used his position to get publicity for lover’s business
4. Allegations about female Tory MP Nadine Dorries and another named MP.

Gordon Brown needs to come clean whether he had any knowledge on these points.

Whether under his instructions or not The prime Minister has had at least one member of his payroll (as in tax payer funded payroll)... spending time on smearing political opponents. Gordon Brown, or at least his office, needs to make clear that McBride will not be entitled to any bonus payments and reveal the extent of any severance payments.

Damian McBride was a senior member of the Downing Street Staff, and of the Communications Team that is the voice and the words of the Government and of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister. Whilst his salary was being paid, by you and me, his talents and function were turned to the black arts of spin and smear.

The public at large have lost all confidence in Gordon Brown and his team, and the country needs a change. I will repeat my call, David Cameron should make it known that he will bring about a motion of no confidence when Parliament reconvenes; potentially dissenting Labour MP's should be reminded of the shameful actions of the Downing Street Spin Team and encouraged to vote against the Prime Minister. Support for Gordon Brown was never really there, and tomorrow thanks to the NOTW will forever be in the minds of the public intertwined with the behaviour and intent of McBride.


it's either banned or compulsory said...

01:38am Sunday, News Of The World

SMEAR TWO . . . a vicious triple attack on Shadow Chancellor George Osborne. It suggests he had sex and took drugs with a prostitute, that his wife is "emotionally fragile" and that an ex girlfriend has photos of him in a bra, knickers and suspenders.
You couldn't make it up, except that they did !

Great article by NOTW including H/T and photo of Guido.

Anonymous said...

Is he having some trouble composing himself today?