Thursday, April 30, 2009

London MP's To Lose Second House Allowance

Story from here.

Axing second home allowance:
For - 355
Against - 39

Registering all outside financial interests:
For - 305
Against - 31

All staff employed by The Commons:
For - 280
Against - 100

Publish all receipts:
For - 348
Against - 22

Harriet Harman did try to get an amendment postponing any amendment on the second home allowance but failed. This is being talked up by the Opposition Parties as and David Cameron has reported said that authority is "ebbing away" from Gordon Brown.

Now that you have read this, let me nudge you gently in this direction... Alex Hilton, the main man on LabourHome today says that there is a "Stalking Horse" waiting in the wings to challenge Gordon Brown should the government be defeated - he says he made a call and is waiting to hear back. I wonder if Alex's is on the phone to his horse now?

Personally I don't think Browns authority is ebbing away I think it is long gone, all that remains is some smoke and a few shards of mirror. I know no-one, who is prepared to back Brown - even die hard Labour supporters that I know want him gone, the sooner the better.

Of course, I do not live in Westminster, but, I bet there are a lot of other people reading this that live no where near Westminster who think the same. There is an under current, an unspoken knowledge shared by most throughout England (the South at least)... We are all looking around and wondering who it will be that will pull the trigger and end browns malaised stewardship; answer the question of "who", and the question of "when" will simply be a demand for expediency.

The most popular man in the Labour Party will be the first one to throw their hat into the ring - calling time on Mr Browns shambolic time as PM. According to Iain Dale, even Brown seems to want it now.


Cato said...

Even in this extremely rural part of Eastern Tractor Land where I live, there is no one who wants this tedious oaf to survive.

subrosa said...

Dan you're a darling. I half watched/listened to this on the BBC website but it sounded so much like a primary one class fighting over the sand pit that my concentration diminished swiftly.

Thanks for the summary.