Thursday, April 16, 2009

Daniel1979 Comes Out For............ Lyn Tofari

Firstly, thanks to every one of the Jury Team candidates who emailed me with their responses to my invitation. When I posted that original post I was hoping to hear from some of the candidates in the South East as I wanted to participate in the Primary and help by keeping Jury Team talked about.

I have written this a few times, but, we all recognise that both Democracy and Politics are failing; there are a number of reasons why this is. We lament politicians because they are not like us, we do not feel they represent us. Many people vote on party loyalty and through gritted teeth... It doesn't always have to be like this.

Any moves towards open Primaries, and and moves that make politicians more accountable to electors and less to party loyalties and the Whips should be highlighted and encouraged. These irksome issues lie at the centre of many gripes about politics today.

I will continue to put up any further responses Jury Team candidates send to me until the Primary closes.

As I live in the South East region this regions candidates are where I have been looking and I cast my vote this morning in the Primary for Lyn Tofari. When I first read Lyn's responses I knew I would probably vote for her then, but I held back to allow myself the option to consider any new candidates entering the race.

In the True/False section on Lyn's responses, it is fair to say I agreed 25 times out of 25, and Lyn was the only person who responded where that was the case. Other responses included a pledge to publish expenses monthly and to set up systems where by constituents could contact her with issues of Concern. Additionally it is clear from Lyn's responses and from her Jury team Profile, that she has worked long and hard as an independent in local politics and seems to have earned the respect of her council colleagues. This is exactly the type of candidate I was looking for.

I am happy to have voted for Lyn, and I would encourage anybody in the South East region who has not yet voted to have a good look at Lyn's profile and to give your vote to her. If you would like to vote for Lyn, text LYNTOF01 to 86837. Lyn is running third currently in the South East Primary and I would like to see her get to the front of that race.

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Anonymous said...

It all seems a bit crap to me, I see the Pakistanis are getting loads of votes, well they would wouldn't they, trying to dominatet he country, and Jury team doesn't allow anyone to stand whose views may not fit in with what they agree. So whats the point? Waste of time.