Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank You

Thank you for you comments of concern yesterday and today and also for the emails.

I will be back blogging here from tomorrow.  I want to write a piece about what happened but that will not be possible just now for a legal reason.... but I will eventually tell all about what happened, and the really quite ridiculous situation that my wife and I are currently in.

My wife was hurt yesterday, though thankfully not seriously and is feeling better today - it is a matter that is being pursued.  Needless to say, I am furious about what happened and the reaction time.   I can;t say too much now, and the coppers that did arrive were courteous and professional, however until I can say more I will leave it there on them.  It is however truly blood-curdlingly infuriating to know that in the UK you can get a Pizza to your house quicker than an Ambulance or Police car.

I will be catching up on work this evening with a quick look over the blogs to catch up.  My budget reading will have to wait until Saturday as I am too tired for the long winded analysis.  If there was a piece that caught anybodies eye, please let me know in the comments and I will take a look.  (I will instinctively be seeking out Frasier Nelson and John Redwood on Saturday)

Also, I am intending to indulge tonight in what was becoming a weekly treat before a four week break, and that is the live blog on Biased BBC during Question Time tonight.  Though, with an earlier than normal work start tomorrow it is unlikely I will be stopping on for This Week with Brillo afterwards.  If you have not been before, get yourself over there for the start of Question Time and join in with the banter, there will be much to discuss tonight.


Cato said...

Best wishes to your wife Danny.

Chelsea SW3 Girl said...

Look after yourself - hope your wife is ok.

Geoff said...

My best wishes to you both, Daniel. Good to see you on top form on the B-BBC chat. I hope your wife is safe and well now.

David Vance said...

Hope all is well Daniel, sorry to read about your wife being hurt and trust she is now better.