Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gordon's Grin & Tonic

Seriously why do you keep smiling in the all wrong places?

Perhaps Darling and Mandleson of out of shot pulling faces?

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Anonymous said...

So Honest Mr Brown- They Work For us what a pity their every action tells a very different story!

Mrs. Beckett says the adding to our Service Charges of other items stems from the 1911 Parliament Act when the Marxists, Socialists, Fabians and Sinn Fein and the Liberal Government under Asquith took the power of Taxation from the King and the scrutiny of the Lords, so that the party that gets into power can tax in any way they like without any supervision or control.

“That Act is to this day illegal, but the words used to destroy the Lords were the same words used to get rid of the Queen’s authority,” she said.

“Our Constitution is clear:
We the people hold the power (we are a democracy but we are also a Constitutional Monarchy) but for the power of Government and giving assent to Bills, we give the power known as the Royal Prerogative, to the Queen to govern. She governs in our name and according to the laws that we brought in to prevent her or the people in Parliament, from taking over power.
Unfortunately this has been done both in the 1911 Parliament Act and in the Reform of the Constitution Act of 2005 when Blair and Lord Falconer took over the power we had given to the Queen for her lifetime. They then gave to Parliament the right to decide on whether or not to go to war instead of putting the power under our laws that say we cannot go to war unless someone is attacking us.”



Their corruption knows no bounds.