Sunday, April 05, 2009

Best Conservative PM Poll Closes

My poll to who was the best Conservative Prime Minister of the last 100 years has closed, and the winner is... Margaret Thatcher.

Like with my previous poll, I had actually suspected a different outcome at the start, as I felt Winston Churchill would probably win; alas the Iron Lady wins it with a whopping 61% of the vote.

Here are the results:

Andrew Bonar Law - 0%

Stanley Baldwin - 1% (1)

Neville Chamberlain - 1% (1)

Winston Churchill - 24% (18)

Sir Anthony Eden - 1% (1)

Harold Macmillan - 2% (2)

Edward Heath - 0%

Margaret Thatcher - 61% (46)

John Major - 8% (6)

So, my new poll is who is the best Prime Minister of the last 100 years, this will be a straight fight between Margaret Thatcher and David Lloyd George. Please vote in the poll on the right of the blog, but if you would like to elaborate on your vote you can do so in the comment field of this post.


Geoff said...

Daniel, do you say "alas" because on your prediction you didn't expect MT to win, or because you didn't want her to win?

No odds to me as I cast my vote as I saw fit but just curious how you might have voted yourself.

Perhaps after this next poll closes (and I've now voted) you'd let us know which of the two you'd pick and give us your reasons plus and minus? Might make for some good banter in the comments!

Daniel1979 said...

I said "alas" because I did not expect Margaret Thatcher to win, I suspected she would come in second to Winston Churchill.

I voted for Winston Churchill in the poll becuase I think he is the greatest PM we have ever had, and I find it difficult to imagine that anybody will surpass his achievements. Though he had his flaws, I think that makes him a more interesting character. I guess not as many people agree with that than I had thought.

I have voted now for Margaret Thatcher in the new poll. I am hoping to get some time to do a bit of a write up on Maggie, such as I did for David Lloyd George when the previous poll had closed.