Friday, April 03, 2009

Jury Team - A Quick Recap

On 24th March I put a piece on the blog saying that I was interested in the Jury Team story and wanted to know more. You can read it, here. I am proud to say that the the people at Jury Team liked my questions and highlighted my piece to all of their registered and interested candidates.

The reason why I am interested, is because of all my time on the politics blogs there are four recurring points that come up frequently as the root of our troubles. 1) Politicians acting in line with the party, rather than, and not listening to, the constituency. 2) Bad candidates, or people not really liking who their party have selected. 3) Dishonesty in politicians. 4) The EU.

The Jury Team concept faces, at least in theory up to these problems and could potentially open up greater accountability. If their attempts are widely publicised and their candidates do well there is the possibility of some real change coming as a result. It is a really good way of moving your vote away from the established parties, without having to consider any extremist parties. I would also say that the Primaries are a great way to understand candidates better and of having a say about who you want representing you. In that vein, I urge all of my readers to at least have a read on the Jury Team candidates in their region and consider participating in their Primary.

Since my original post I have had numerous replies. Nearly all noted that they found it difficult to answer the True/False section so concisely. I would like to thank those people who did however keep there answers short, all of whom pointed out to me that they felt these points needed a wider explanation.

Anyway, thus far 13 candidates have sent responses that I have been able to publish. Here, is a quick recap and a fresh link to their responses.

If you wish to vote for them, please click on the link and follow the text instructions. Each text costs 25p + Standard Rate.

1. Scott Craig, running in the South East region.

2. Ian Tyes, running in the East of England region.

3. Adam Buckingham, running in the East of England.

4. Anthony Sansum, running in the South East region.

5. Paul Perrin, running in the South East region.

6. Krisnamurty Tayya, running in the North West region.

7. Austin Compson-Bradford, running in Scotland.

8. Roger Whitfield, running in the South West region.

9. Lyn Tofari, running in the South East.

10. Andrew Armes, running in the East of England.

11. Graham Burton, running in the West Midlands.

12. Grahame Leon-Smith, running in the South East region.

13. Michael Clayton, running in South West region.

I wish all of these candidates well in their Primaries.


Fabienne said...

Useful summary. Especially as I set myself the task of some JT text voting this week. Have you been in touch with JT to see if they would consider linking this?

Daniel1979 said...

Hi Fabienne

When I put the original post up with the questions Jury Team sent it around to all their candidates. I also received a mention and a link in their weekly eflyer "Democracy 2.0"

I don't think I am linked on their website - I may see if I can get linked on their blogroll.

Also, thanks again for your email on that other point!

Geoff said...

No response so far from Sally Smith unless I missed it? She's standing for SWest and Gibraltar and has an article in today's Gib Chronicle: