Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jury Team - Second Recap

After my first recap on replies from Jury Team candidates, here is a recap of the candidates who have responded recently.

If you would like to participate in the Jury Team Primary, there are 8 days left to vote. Text votes cost 25p + Standard Rate.

1. Debbie Seepersad, who is running in the London Primary.

2. Bob Sampson, who is running in the South East Primary.

3. Bill Barnett, who is running in the South West Primary.

4. Steve Partridge, who is running in the Wales Primary.

5. John Tinley, who is running in the East Midland Primary.

6. William Brotherston, who is running on the North West Primary.

7. John Wallace, who is running in the Scotland Primary.

8. Andrew Parker, who is running in the East of England Primary.

I have cast my vote this morning in the South East Primary, I shall reveal who I voted for and why shortly.


Simon said...

I am a latecomer to The Jury Team. I am standing for selection in the East Midlands and would welcome a chance to answer your questions (but I did notr receive them)

Daniel1979 said...


The original post with questions is here:

Please email me your responses, and keep the true/false section to either a true or false (so that I do not have to edit your answers)

CC: Jury Team on the email for their records. You will need to be registered and on the Jury Team site so that I can link to your page there as well.