Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cameron Should Call For Motion Of No Confidence

In 1979 the 351st early day motion of the 1978-79 sitting of Parliament was tabled by the then leader of the opposition Margaret Thatcher calling on a motion of no confidence in the then Prime Minister James Callaghan.

When a successful motion of no confidence is tabled, one of two things must happen, either the Prime Minister resigns or the Prime Minister dissolves Parliament and calls for a General Election. If David Cameron was to call for a motion of no confidence in Gordon Brown when Parliament resumes after Easter, The Prime Minister would be forced to dissolve Parliament and call for a General Election.

It has become clear that Gordon Brown is not going to call an election this year, and that he is going to put his own personal ambitions as Prime Minister before those of the country and of The Labour party by staying on. In the next year with Brown at the helm we know that the country which is already bankrupt will be forced into absorbing even higher rates of state spending, and massive tax increases to pay for them. We will almost certainly be paying a visit to the IMF with the indignity of asking them to fill our begging bowl so that we can continue the profligate dissipation of tax payers money on an exuberantly bloated Public Sector.

In a years time there will be at least 60 additional Labour MPs in marginal seats, possibly more, who will not be returning to Parliament becuase of a delay in an election, they probably know who they are. It is those 60 who will be losing their jobs and the Liberal Democrats who will join with David Cameron in bringing motion of no confidence. The country can not afford to have this government continue in power any longer. We need a responsible government that will take control of the public purse and restore confidence to the City of London.

We need people to take risks and to reignite the entrepreneurial spirit that seems long forgotten in the UK. We need small businesses hiring people and supporting other small business and we need big business exporting to countries that are cash rich governments in Asia such as China. As there is little in the way of manufacturing targeted business grants and specialised educational and apprentice programmes are a must. All of this cannot be delivered by Gordon Brown. Everyone outside of the cabinet and the BBC news editorial team has lost confidence in his leadership, many of us had no such confidence in the first place.

When Labour came to power, they cried "Education, Education, Education". Yet through incompetence rather than by design we learn that the 6th form budget for next year is £60m light, and that the Learning and Skills Council had knowingly issued false assurances over provisional budgets. A 4% educational budget cut is looming and a key initiative, that of the introduction of Diplomas which rival GCSE's and A levels may now be shelved.

When this Labour Government cannot even get its numbers straight, and is basically misleading the educational establishment about how much money there is, we are all in trouble. If Labour cannot find the money for its #1 issue, how can any of the public sector be sure they will get their budgets? No doubt a shortfall in Teacher or Nurses pay will be the pretext in a dash to the IMF, with the argument being it is that or cut essential services.

When the Conservatives have made the case over the years for public sector cutbacks they have always, always met the same calls form the Labour benches. Which essential services will the Tories cut? How many nurses and doctors will need to lose their jobs to pay for Tory tax cuts? How many heart machines will that tax cut cost us?

Labour has through the incompetence of Ed Ball's department opened up an open goal for the Conservatives. We now need to cut the size of a Public Sector that can no longer be afforded.

There will be massive support from the country to right now bring an end to this horrible abhorrent, scandalous sham of a government to an abrupt conclusion. This blogger thinks that Mr Cameron needs to do this for the good of the country. We are scheduled to have elections soon anyway, lets have the election everyone wants.

Go for it Dave.


Tory Poppins said...

"horrible abhorrent, scandalous sham of a government" . . .couldn't have put it better myself. I was just thinking this afternoon that Cameron and the Tories need to crank up the pressure on the Brown et al. I think a vote of no confidence would be perfect!
Great post!

scunnert said...

My view from the beginning of this so called "financial crisis" is that it was manufactured to force nations to sell off public services. Apparently financial institutions are more important than - well - anything the public depends on. Don't worry though - these services are soon to be provided by profit seeking multinational corporations. And if they don't have the money to buy them our government will lend them some of ours.

Stu said...

This was why I put up a vote on just such a motion a little while back. At the moment it stands Ayes 130 Noes 16. I think it's fair to say that shows some public support for the idea...

I planned to do more with that site but still haven't really got round to it. Still, if you want a 'This Blog Has No Confidence in Her Majesty's Government' banner, go ahead and grab one - Tory Poppins has one (cheers!) :-D

Stu said...

Hmm. Link didn't work.

Daniel1979 said...

Thanks, the Ayes now is 131.

subrosa said...

Good post Dan but I doubt if the tories will listen. For some reason (and I'm beginning to think it's not one in the country's interest) they prefer to sit on the fence.

Events dear boy, events said...

Good post but I do not agree with your reasoning. Why would the 60 Labour MPs in marginal seats vote themselves out of a job? Turkeys do not vote for an early Christmas!

Daniel1979 said...

Because they are marginal now, and potentially savable now. But, they will be Labour Loses if we see out another year.

Tarquin said...

I disagree - not that they shouldn't pass a motion of no confidence, but that it will work

Labour are notoriously loyal, (as opposed to the Tories who tend to stab each other in the back regularly), and the general feeling I get out of their deepest bowels is that they want that extra years salary rather than risk their seat now

There has only been one successful motion in living memory - and while Callaghan was as useless as Brown he also had a weak coalition - put it in front of Labour and they'll vote it down, I guarantee

The result could be double-edged, either Labour gain a victory by saying Cameron is being frivolous, or Cameron gets the public support for challenging Brown much like Hannan did - personally I think Cameron is perfectly happy waiting for his virtually assured victory - he isn't interested in the fact that it's morally right, he just wants the power back in his party

Major Plonquer said...

Interestingly I asked John redwood this same question a while back and he - very sensibly - stated that a no confidence motion would give Labour something to rally around.

There's no way they'l win the next election anyway and the only way to handle the economic crisis from here on itn is to let it run its course.

On teh flip side the Tories don't have a coherent set of policies yet and Cameron is still the 'heir to Blair' and just as much fluff.

So in the meantime enjoy the Gordon Brown Comedy Show. I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing him stew.

And read my blog@
for all teh BIG stories.

You couldn't make it up.

Anonymous said...

If David Cameron was to call for a motion of no confidence in Gordon Brown when Parliament resumes after Easter, The Prime Minister would be forced to dissolve Parliament and call for a General Election.

I assume you meant If David Cameron was to call for a motion of no confidence in Gordon Brown and it was passed

I remember in the fag end of John Major's premiership, there were several vote of confidences, he survived them all and continued as prime minister.

Paul Burgin said...

Given that the expenses of Conservative MP's have yet to come out, I doubt the Conservatives will put forward a motion of no confidence