Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Justice For Gurka's

I am happy to see that the Government was defeated in the Commons today and that the Gurkha's will likely now be allowed to settle in the UK.

My position on this is clear-cut. If you are prepared to defend, potentially with your life the UK, through membership of our armed forces there should be no question, at all, that that risk and sacrifice should be met at a minimum, with residency for in this land you are fighting to protect.

If the Government is worried about the cost and numbers of these people settling here then they should get on the phone to the EU and tell them we are shutting the borders. If we can allow the huddled masses and the poverty class workers from all over Eastern Europe and welcome them with open arms into the most generous benefit system from most warm and accepting people in Europe; then these brave Gurkha's and their families should be allowed to live here - and there should be no question of this.

Why is it that preachers of hate and criminals from abroad automatically have less chance of being thrown out of the UK, than brave individuals who are prepared to train hard, and put their bodies between us and danger? Is this right?


Cato said...

My thoughts exactly. Well said.

Daniel1979 said...

Thank you Cato

Tarquin said...

This is how politics should work - yet it's only the second time in thirty years

at least it shows how out of touch Gordon is

Tommyboyjedi said...

Gordon wouldnt know what being in touch was if it came an smacked him in the face.

I mean that video that Dan posted a few days ago where he was discribing the lack of confidence in parliement; i dare anyone to walk away from that feeling like they have some osrt of new confidence in his government..

1 joke after another, 1 pisstake after another.. at lest this was right