Monday, April 27, 2009

Why You Should Not Panic

Why You Should not Panic

Sky News have taken a case of flu and have turned over their entire news agenda for the evening.

Whilst influenza strains have the capacity to mutate, the current strain is easily treatable by a selection of medicines according to Wikipedia. So the news headlines should really be, a treatable strain of flu arrives in UK [go about your business as normal].

Hmmm, Then Again Maybe We Should Panic?

I was going to have a moan about News Channels creating a panic sometimes, rather than preventing one, but then I flipped over to BBC Parliament and saw just 13 MP's sitting and discussing the Budget. Seriously, the prospect of having to borrow more money then ever before is nigh, and just 13 MP's are debating it right now in Parliament.


Letters From A Tory said...

Maybe the rest of the MPs have given up - the Conservatives know Labour are screwed, Labour know they are screwed, what's to debate?!

Anonymous said...

Microbiologists disappear or meet with violent deaths.....

Flu Bug...

Chelsea SW3 Girl said...

Good to see MSP Nicola Sturgeon on something other than Question Time for a change too! Well; that is ONE way to grab the limelight.

What made me laugh though was last night's news - they had a cameraman over at the hospital in Airdrie interviewing some of the visitors who were all quite predictably saying 'yeah; we are really scared' etc etc. Thing is; the footage also showed several of the interviewees lounging about and smoking fags. Would think they have more chance of a premature death through lung cancer than swine flu!

Putting my conspiracy theory hat on, wonder how likely it is:

- theory #1: health officials looked at the back of the tamiflu tabs and saw the expiry date is soon. Faced with more public outrage over costs/wastage etc, decide to create a virus to use up?

- theory #2: Roche et al decide to up the ante and ensure shareholder value on the back of a 68% decline in tamiflu sales in '08(ditto on the manmade virus)