Wednesday, April 01, 2009

March Stats

Continuing my sequence of publishing my StatPorn, here are the scores on the doors for March. For the 3rd time running, traffic has increased to the blog.

In early March the numbers were mirroring the level of hits I was getting for most of February. However in the last 10 days or so of March visits have increased daily. It would seem the Daniel Hannan story, and my Jury Team profiles have drawn additional readers.

In March I had 2,325 visits, up 853 or 57.8%. Of these visits 1,249 were absolutely unique visitors up 373 or 42.5%. Page views for March were 3,521, an increase of 1,009 on February or 40.1%.

I would like to thank everybody who has and continues to link to my blog, here are the top 10 links that I received in March.

1. (1) Daily Referendum - 77 hits

=2. (+3) Letters from a Tory - 67 hits

=2. (+2) SNP Tactical Voting - 67 hits

4. (+6) Unenlightened Commentary - 62 hits

5. (+2) Twitter - 61 hits

6. (New) Scunnert Nation - 58 hits

=7. (-4) Behind Blue Eyes - 55 hits

=7. (-5) Cato's About - 55 hits

9. (New) - 51 hits

10. (New) Lord Elvis - 38 hits

Additionally I had 289 hits via Blogger and 379 direct.

Google visits shot up in March (Thanks to America looking for the Dan Hanna video) and I had 437 organic hits, up 214% on February.

As is customary, here are some of the stranger, and more amusing search terms that lead to the blog.

wankergate - 6 hits

gordon brown bitched at the eu - 4 hits

five live radio hangleton rangers under 10

tyes of inflation

"chosing our friends wisely"

deva kumarsiri

"gay chicken 4" - (not the first time this has shown up)

25 randoms things about me italian food

abou jahjah

blog heros

central bank of iraq

egon quigg

george cables cables vision 1979 blogspot

how do china increase trade

humfrey malins stands down

niko spanking tube

petrina holdsworth

u-tube daniel hannen v george brown

whyis gordon brown prime minister

Thanks to everyone for visiting, I hope you like what you see here, and I am always open to feedback. The Wikio rankings seem be be 7-10 days into a new month, I am not expecting to move up there, as it is based on referral links which though I have not measured seem imho a little down on February. Staying approx where I am and gradually moving up is my aim on that score.

14:25 - Sorry, forgot to link the top 10, now added


subrosa said...

Well done Dan. I tend to visit you via Twitter as you're one of the few favourites I have who tweets. Didn't think it would come through as Twitter for some reason.

Am I daft? It's fine to say yes.

Wikio is hard for us Scottish bloggers. Our readers are obviously a much smaller percentage than the readers of England based blogs like Guido and Dale. Never mind, we have our readership and I like mine :)

Daniel1979 said...

Thanks Subrosa

On the analytics it shows all visitors as visitors via Twitter, so I can't see who it is, just that I have had x visits via Twitter and on which days. And no you are not daft.

I also like your blog, and I quite like the Scottish blogs that I link to. I do not always know the background for some of the articles that I read, but I find quite a bit of interest in general. But I read lots of blogs, as I like to read lots of different points of view.

Did Dan help you out with the Wikio set up as per his offer? Not sure what to do there... Is there a group blog for Scottish Bloggers ?

You could have something like LPUK where a group of Scottish Bloggers could co-ordinate and post both to their own blogs and to a central blog... that would give the original blogs extra links and might attract a wider audience (Just a thought).

Just FYI, I had 18 hits from your blog in March which if I extended the top ten would have put you in 14th. Thanks for linking to me :0)

Tory Poppins said...

Congrats Dan. That's really good going. You've got a content rich site which is clearly getting you the hits you deserve. Well done :-)

Fidothedog said...

Ah stat porn, just don't tell Jacqui.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, lol i did a bit on Nikosratose (a fellow blogger) when his blog went missing and ever since im receiving about 3 or 4 hits a day by people looking for Niko spanking.