Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daniel Hannan Speech

I see that Daniel Hannan has delivered another blistering speech, you can view it on the Tory Bear blog.


scunnert said...

He's a fine speaker and I agree with all he has to say re: the EU. However, he - like many it seems - has misjudged Gordon Brown and New Labour. Neither Brown nor New Labour are intent on nationalizing anything. Quite the reverse - they are intent on selling everything off.

The terrible financial mess that the UK is in is not the result of a bloated public sector but the result of a failed private sector. Banks and the financial elite are the ones responsible not postmen, nurses, and school teachers.

The huge debt that ordinary folks now have to pay off was incurred to save private wealth not to provide services to the sick, the poor, the elderly, the infirm and the frail.

The reason the financial elite were able to do this was due to a lack of regulation. The folks who caused this are still at the helm and intend to continue along the same path. One has to conclude, therefore, that the financial crisis was intentional - they meant for this to happen.

Why would a government intentionally bankrupt their own nation? To allow them to gut services, sell off assets, and
implement changes that would otherwise be unpalatable to the populace and politically impossible.

Gordon Brown is managing a global capitalist agenda and he is as far from being socialist as his buddy - G. Dubya Bush.

Cato said...

13 minutes or so of fine, erudite speaking. What a shame that Cyclops can manage no more than a grunt.