Sunday, April 19, 2009

GCSE Physics Question

Courtesy of Christopher Booker

Question 1.

A. Acid Rain

B. Global Warming

C. Noise Pollution

D. Radioactive Waste

Now Complete the below questions using each of the above once.

1. Nuclear power stations produce.....

2. Wind farms produce.....

3. Coal-fired power stations produce sulphur dioxide which causes.....

4. All fossil fuel power stations produce carbon dioxide which causes.....

As Christopher Booker states, if you agree with the government on these matters you will score 100%. The link between CO2 and Global Warming has not yet been proved, and there is an increasing number of scientists prepared to say openly that they do not concur. The Climate Science Blog recently linked to this article claiming that it kills the CO2 argument.

You may not agree with that, and feel that all scientists agree, but that is not the case. Now, I am a little old fashioned but I think we should teach and assess our children in Science, and I think we should teach scientific theories, along side scientific fact, but I think we should be explicitly teaching the difference between the two. No. 4 on the above exam seems like a not so subtle indicator that this is not happening.

If and when the link between CO2 and man made global warming can be linked to actual science, which can be demonstrated in a laboratory and using scientific models then at that point it should be taught as such. Right now it is Politics masquerading as science, and that is never a good thing.

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