Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Best SNP Leader Is...

The poll has closed and the clear winner is Alex Salmond.

Having now posted the poll I am interested to see if this is because of Mr Salmond's current popularity in Scotland and perhaps a generational vote or it indeed Mr Salmond is though of so highly across all age ranges. And I am also interested in hearing from any Scottish Bloggers if they have any feedback.

I hope Subrosa, who suggested the poll is happy with the outcome.


Alex Salmond - 57% (16)
William Wolfe - 14% (4)
John Swinney - 7% (2)
Robert McIntyre - 7% (2)
Gordon Wilson - 7% (2)
Bruce Watson - 3% (1)
Andrew Dewar Gibb - 3% (1)
Alexander MacEwan, William Power, Douglas Young, James Halliday & Arthur Donaldson did not register a single vote between them on this poll.


subrosa said...

Of course I'm happy Dan and I thank you for doing it. Perhaps it does show the rise in SNP support but also it may show the age group of the voters is well below 55+. I'm not asking you to do another one by the way :)

Daniel1979 said...

My pleasure Subrosa.