Friday, May 01, 2009

April Stats

It's time for StatPorn again, and I was happy to see that traffic has continued to increase to the blog month on month.

March was a steady month with a big peak in the last few days with lots of google hits from people looking for Daniel Hannan's speech to Gordon Brown in the EU Parliament. So I am happy that despite that surge Aprils numbers still showed month on month growth, just. But also, there was one less day in April to March so overall good progress.

In April I had 2,371 visits, up 46 visits or 2%. Of these, 1,279 were absolute unique visitors again up 30 visitors 2%. Page views were 3,987 up 466 views or 13%.

Despite traffic being up, and the number of blogs referring here in their blogrolls and via backlinks, the hits in the top ten fell slightly. The number of places moved in relation to last months top ten shown in brackets.

1. (+2) SNP Tactical Voting - 57 hits

2. (New) Defence of the Realm - 56 hits

3. (+3) Scunnert Nation - 52 hits

4. (New) Other Blogger Stuff - 50 hits

5. (New) Tory Bear - 49 hits

6. (-5) Daily Referendum - 46 hits

7. (-) Cato's About - 45 hits

(Update 1-May-09 20:17 - Cato now found here)

8. (-2) Behind Blue Eyes - 42 hits

9. (New) Events Dear Boy, Events - 36 hits

10. (-8) Letters From A Tory - 36 hits

Notably, Twitter did drop out of the Top Ten, despite me consistently posting links beck here in my updates.

Thanks very much to the top ten and to all who link here!

I had 331 direct hits and 298 via blogger, both up on March. Additionally, 503 people arrived via organic Google searches, up 66 hits or 15%. The majority of hits came looking for Gordon Browns appearance in South Park, and also hits from people searching for David Cameron calling a motion of No Confidence on Gordon Brown.

As is customary, here are some of the weirder or more comical search terms that also led here.

daily labourgraph

what has g20 achieved


commend a copper

drunken bakers

"gay chicken 4" justice

4 things you should do a an mp

egon quiggs new song

gorillagate stanislav

lloyd george federalising the british empire

terry wogan rigged

why am i a lefty

I would like to say a heartily thank you to everyone who has visited and who continues to visit, I am enjoying having this blog very much. I will also say thank you to my darling wife who has allowed me to occasionally go a few days somewhat estranged as I flail around shouting about what a bunch of ****s this Labour Government is and how I MUST blog for the benefit of all mankind, and also, the children of mankind.... (no, she did not buy that line.) - Thank you sweetie.


Jeff said...

ha, top of the list this month, good stuff. And you're welcome for the links. I try to keep the links pretty full but maintaining quality, of course. Seems to be doing the trick.

All the best for May!

scunnert said...

Well done Daniel. Keep it up.