Sunday, May 03, 2009

EU Opinion Polls?

I have a question, has anybody seen, or know of any published opinion polls for the upcoming EU elections?

Only there is a month to go and I do not believe that I have seen one yet, and what with talk that it might be used as a catalyst to detach our Prime Minister, and see them fall to fourth place in the EU polls, I am a little surprised that I have not seen any polling data.

Could someone point me in the right direction?


Cato said...

Danny, I'm on the panel of YouGov and to date have seen no poll from them on the subject.

Daniel1979 said...

Cato - Is it me, or is it not a little bit strange that there have been no published polls yet? - Do you know if or when You Gov are scheduled to run any EU polls?

PS - apologies "Them" = "Labour Party" - that was sloppy of me.

Cato said...

S'ok...I knew what you meant.

Just had a look at the YouGov site but they never give any indication of forthcoming polls. Not everyone on their panel gets to participate in a poll anyway.

scunnert said...

EU elections? Shhhh!

Blue Eyes said...

Do you mean polls of the UK electorate for the EU polls or EU-wide polls?

Given that turnout for the Euro elections is pitiful and that the EU parliament has virtually no influence over EU policy then what difference does it make to anyone? Who would pay for such meaningless polling?

Daniel1979 said...

Hi Blue Eyes,

I had meant a UK poll. I see Iain Dale has conducted his own.

I think you are right, I guess it is a question of someone commissioning a poll and the MSM probably figure the cost too high a month out; I am an election geek though and I can't wait to see an opinion poll.