Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is Brown A Classic Bully?

There are so many MPs in the Mire that it is a challenge keeping up with all of their stories. However, that complete and utter hoon, Geoff Hoon MP, has thus far refused to acknowledge if he paid capital gains tax on the sale of his Lambeth property, where he trousered a £300,000.

However, Hazel Blears was summoned and duly ticked off by Gordon Brown for her flat sale and has since offered HMRC a cheque for c£13k the amount that should have been paid in capital gains tax.

Why was Hazel Blears ticked off and not Hoon? Blears did wrong, and although she has not been punished, she has taken action in the correct direction at Gordon Browns urging. Where is Hoon's refund?

Bullies often only pick on those they feel strong enough to tackle and leave alone those they don't fancy the look of. Is Geoff Hoon really too much of a heavyweight in Gordon Browns eyes? If so, that says way more about Brown than it does Hoon.

What of others, such as the Ball's/Cooper household? The Telegraph has been conspicuously silent on that one; as have Downing Street. Could it be because Balls is Browns protégé?

This story will not rest until there has been a General Election and a fresh house has the opportunity to clean up this mess.

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