Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Motion Of No Confidence Against The Speaker Has Been Tabled

Tabled by Doug Carswell, Paul Flynn, Gordon Prentice & Ben Wallace.

“That this House has no confidence in Mr Speaker and calls for him to step down; notes that Mr Speaker has failed to provide leadership in matters relating to hon. Members’ expenses; believes that a new Speaker urgently needs to be elected by secret ballot, free from manipulation by party Whips, under Standing Order No. 1B; and believes that a new Speaker should proceed to reform the House in such a way as to make it an effective legislature once again.”

Hopefully Mr Martin will resign tomorrow, if not it will got to a vote.

Despite a potential swoop for Ming a few months back, so as to prevent a Tory being appointed, that may well be out of the question after tonight's story on his expense claims.

I did make my suggestion here in February, I suggested... Doug Carswell.


Events dear boy, events said...

Dream on. The new Speaker will not be Douglas Carswell. He is a 1st term MP!

Daniel1979 said...

I know, I know... I hadn't long finished "the Plan" and like the idea of a reformer and thought it might fly.

How about Bill Cash?

Events dear boy, events said...

My guess would be George Young but I really do not know or care that much to be honest.

In the grand scheme of things, I doubt that it matters. This Parliament only has a few months to run and Martin will retire in any case.

Carswell is just generating publicity for himself. The no confidence vote won't succeed unless Brown and Cameron back it, which is doubtful. They will want Martin to announce his retirement in the usual way.

The whole thing is a side show. There more important matters to concern us e.g. getting Brown out.

Holyrood Patter said...

isnt there some ancient rule whereby the oldest git in the house gets an automatic look in?
i can only just recall the last speakers election, what a shambles!

Catosays said...

It's a big shame but I'll be surprised if this flies well.

Disenchanted with most@HOC said...

Any one but a Scot or Bercoe. How about Diane Abbott

Major Plonquer said...

I'm with the majority. Frank Ifield. He hasn't done much since his 1964 hit I Remember You but he has a lovely yodel.