Tuesday, May 19, 2009

62% Of Labour Party Members Polled Think Gordon Must Go

I saw this polling via, Events Dear Boy, Events so popped over to LabourList, where Labour minded people come together. It is my first visit to LL in probably two months.

1,060 people were polled between Monday 11th and Friday 15th May, of which 783 identified themselves as members or supporters of the Labour party.

In the breakdown of what the Labour supporters polled, 62% agreed that Gordon Brown should not be leader of the Labour Party come the next General Election. This confirms two points key points.

1. That grass-roots Labour supporters have lost confidence in Gordon Brown.

2. 38% of Labour members and supports are clearly bonkers.

Interestingly, support dwindles for Gordon Brown the typically the older the recipients get with 81% of 65+ voters calling for a replacement.

when broken down regionally, only in Yorkshire does the number calling for Brown to go fall below 50%. Even in Scotland the number is 54%.

Gordon Brown is clearly unpopular within his own party and viewed as an electoral liability; but, what are the Labour Party going to do about it?

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