Sunday, May 10, 2009

Labour On 23% Nationally

Following on from my post on the EU and local polling, I have just seen in the Mail on Sunday that Gordon Browns Labour Party would poll just 23% in a General Election - below the previous lowest of 23.5% once polled for Michael Foot.

In the same article 52% of people polled say that Brown should go and they suggest that Alan Johnson and Jack Straw are the favourite to succeed him, but that Alan Johnson would be much more popular in the Parliamentary Party. They also suggest that Mr Straws 8,009 majority in Blackburn may not be enough to guarantee him a return to Parliament next term with any sub 10,000 majority seat in play for other parties to capture.

The print media, the opinion polls, the bloggers and increasingly his own MP's are all in favour of the Prime Minister stepping down. Less popular than Michael Foot - I might copyright that as I think the Conservatives next media campaign has just been written. [Just though for a second - they can have it, for free!]

Could tomorrow be Black Monday for Brown?


Anonymous said...

23% what a low. In another poll Labour were on 27% and taking in the 3% error of margin on both polls they could be as low as 20% or as high as 30%, both still well short of the Conservatives.

Gordon has to call an election now, if anything it should help clear the air whither he gets in or not.

Blue Eyes said...

Could we say that now until May 2010 will be the longest suicide in history?