Monday, May 04, 2009

New Poll - Did The Conservatives Do The Right Thing By Forcing Mrs Thatcher To Resign

As this weekend marks 30 years since the Iron Lady became Prime Minister I thought I would make my latest poll about whether The Conservatives were right to have forced her resignation in 1990?

It is of course impossible to know how things would be today if Mrs Thatcher had of remained in power, and whether or not she could have won an election in 1992. Would we have signed Maastricht with Mrs Thatcher as Prime Minister? Or, if she had of failed in an election bid in 1992, how long would Neil Kinnock have held power? Would Gordon Brown have become Labour Leader sooner?

Would we be in a better position economically, and socially if Mrs Thatcher had of stayed on with or without a 1992 victory? Would we subsequently have had a referendum on EU membership, Maastricht or the EURO? Would we have invaded Iraq in 2003? It is hard to imagine how events may have played out differently.

Please vote using the poll on the right of the blog, but feel free to elaborate further in the comments field of this post.


Blue Eyes said...

I sometimes wonder whether in the long run it would have been better for the Tories to have lost in 1992. Kinnock would have been a disaster but at least he would have been a quick disaster. He would have been out by 1997 and perhaps the Tories could have regenerated by then. Who knows?

Brown has been an unmitigated disaster but while Blair was there the electorate glossed over the damage Brown was doing.

Cato said...

if Mrs Thatcher had of stayed on with or

What? Shorly shum mishtake!!

Cato said...

Or, if she had of failed

Didn't spot this the first time round.. Must do better Danny

Anonymous said...

As we see England/Britain falling apart.
This goes away to understand why.

OECD - Global governance blueprint that Labour have been working to.

by IanPJ on Tue 28 Apr 2009 01:37 BST | Permanent Link | Cosmos

This blog has tried to inform its readers time and again that what goes on in the UK is being mirrored by Western governments right around the globe.

Now we can tell you why. The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

Did you think that Gordon Brown was a good chancellor, or a good Prime Minister. Did you think that he had fiscal skills that were world class. No, neither did I.

He is following a blueprint, laid out in documentation at the OECD, which clearly outlines how all Western States should be approaching PFI, local authority outsourcing, regional funding, cross border equalisation of fiscal policies, Target driven policies including the KPI's to be measured and most contentious of all, Tax Policy. OECD has even planned out how your family should be structured and planned by their Directorate of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs. (details further down)

Put this into the context of Britain being considered as a "sub-central autonomy", i.e. in an EU context, and that Regions will become "sub-central autonomies", too...

Full details and links etc below.

When the Government changes will anything else apart from some small tinkering?
Take a roam around Pjcs back posts' it's always a great eye opener.
Ian researches his subjects, also always provides links.

Tarquin said...

'Were the Conservatives right to ditch Thatcher' is a tough question

Mostly I would say it was right for her to go, she probably would've lost an election after the poll tax riots and her party was crumbling, she had the good sense to go (unlike Brown)

Whether her own party were right is a different matter, I don't think they can be right or wrong, there simply came a point where it was inevitable - you could ask were Labour right to ditch Blair in 07, it meant we got stuck with Brown and worse policies, but Blair's time may well have been up

Had Kinnock actually won an election I really think we would've been a lot worse off than we were with Blair

North Northwester said...

were the Conservatives were right to have forced her resignation in 1990?

No. They were Left: EU-loving; high-spending; welfare state inflating; IRA appeasing; trivial; preening; national decline managing; immigration-loving, crime-coddling soaking-wet traitors.

We might not have won the next time under Mrs, Thatcher, but we'd have lost in that case identifiably arguing for conservatism and not Mister Major's me-too Christian Democracy without the Christianity or the democracy.

Looks like the Tories are going to have another Majorite go with that nice Green Mister Cameron.