Wednesday, May 06, 2009

EU Election Alternative

There are those of you who read this blog that are of a more left-wing persuasion, and I would imagine that you are having a tough time deciding who to vote for in the upcoming EU Elections. Labour are imploding and the Liberal Democrats always seem a little too keen on the EU - so whats the point of them being there, if they will just accept everything proposed by the EU commission and do not actually speak for you?

Well if you are here and moreover have returned here, it might be fair to assume the undercurrent of anti-EU sentiment that runs through this blog is to some degree appreciated.

How would you feel if I told you that there is a left-wing party running in the EU Elections that wants to do the following:

  • Reject the Lisbon Treaty
  • No to EU directives that privatise our public services
  • Defend and develop manufacturing, agriculture and fishing industries in Britain
  • Repeal anti-trade union ECJ rulings and EU rules promoting social dumping
  • No to racism and fascism, Yes to international solidarity of working people
  • No to EU militarisation
  • Repatriate democratic powers to EU member states
  • Replace unequal EU trade deals with fair trade that benefits developing nations
  • Scrap EU rules designed to stop member states from implementing independent economic policies
  • Keep Britain out of the eurozone

Well, if this is something that you may be interested in and you don't want to vote for the established parties, may I direct your focus to this website for No2EU.

There is some interesting points raised on their website, and I particularly like they way they have set out to dispel the myth that workers rights will be furthered via membership of the EU and there seems (to me) to be a genuine attempt to restore democratic principles to the left's approach to the EU.

If you would prefer to skip right to the end, their candidates list which contains some familiar names can be found here.

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Cato said...

Bob Crowe and Tommy Sheridan? Who in their right minds would vote for them?

Where's Stalin when you need him most?