Sunday, May 10, 2009

It Really Is The Hardest Word

I may have missed it, but am pretty sure that I have not. I am yet to hear an apology from any of our MP's for misfeasance.

I saw today that Plato blogged an example of an MP who has clearly not had her snout in the trough, and that MP is Kate Hoey.

Let me put this another way. If MP's voted to change the law, so that they, and they alone were allowed to commit murder, we would raise up a bloody revolution. If MP's passed a law that said that despite it being illegal for the population at large, they are protected under law from committing rape, we would again over throw the government. Rightly so.

So why, oh goodness why, do MP's think it is acceptable steal from us, our money, and then claim that because they were acting within the rules they have written and are free to change they are completely free from blame. It is not the rules, as Kate Hoey has demonstrated, it is you. It's not us, it's the rules you see.

I have been sorely tempted in the past few days to abandon reason and convert this to a sweary blog after what I have read.

It seems that tomorrow will be the turn of the Conservatives to have their expenses revealed. It will be day four of the story and if they can continue to show that they are more in touch with the public's mood and can escape any big name scandals then they can put the next General Election in the bag. The sun could run a story about David Cameron eating Hamsters and the Mail could publish pictures of William Hague running a sweatshop - it will no longer matter, because these will still be preferable to Gordon Brown. As I blogged earlier, if the Conservatives hit this note right it will cost Labour core supporters, or at least convince them to stay home from the polling stations as long as Gordon Brown is in charge. [The Conservatives are in so strong a position they, I understand, this week are looking to get a bill through to revoke the national minimum wage, whilst still in opposition.]

I believe the mindset of Labour MP's is that an apology is an admission of guilt, but we can all see in very plain terms what has been going on now. If MP's across the House of Commons cannot hold themselves to account and acknowledge that they have done wrong; then we, the people will not trust them with a return to Parliament.

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Catosays said...

I've felt like swearing too. In fact I've sworn a lot but not on my blog. Not that I'm being holier than thou, of course.