Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tories In Firing Line - Cameron Says MP's Should Say Sorry

I am watching on Sky News, and flipping around the news sites and the blogosphere. The very first thing I noticed was on what appears to be a video filmed earlier today David Cameron has said that MP's should say sorry.

I am luke-warm on David Cameron but he is absolutely right in this case, people want MP's to say that they are sorry, not that they were acting within the rules. David Cameron's interview was delivered in the right tone and I think that providing Conservative MP's submit to full disclosure and apologise he will come out much better than Gordon Brown from this whole affair. The only thing that I did not hear in the interview was a call for excessive and unfair claims to be repaid - and they really should be.

The early signs are though with claims of Tennis Court repairs, excessive claims on gardening and of my MP Cheryl Gillan MP claiming for Dog Food that the Conservatives will rightly have a day of tough questions ahead of them tomorrow. [Cheryl Gillan also claims c£23k a year for a second house allowance despite her constituency office being 34.3 miles from Westminster].

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Tarquin said...

Cameron has definitely got this line right - the Tories are still going to have it tough, but so are Labour

Brown's ridiculous 'I've said it doesn't work' line is idiotic, nobody believes it and he should just be sorry

Hopefully this will impact on June 4th and give the Lib dems and independents more of a voice