Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Type Of MP Would You Be? Another Annoying Meme

Lots of Meme's flying around, no one tagged me (boo hoo) so I come up with my own this week based on recent events.

So this is open to anyone who wants to be an MP in Parliament after the next General Election, as well as the bloggers tagged below, after they have finished, if they would kindly tag 5 more that would be super.

1. Has there ever been an occasion when you failed to notice that you have paid your mortgage off months, possibly years in advance, and just had not realised?

2. Does your property contain a moat?

3. Do you think you could in good conscience accept a salary and allowances whilst not actually attending your place of work or office?

4. If you were told that it was within the rules to go jump off a cliff, would you do it?

5. Are you able to tell the difference between a room in a house, and an actual house?

6. Are you able to commute a distance under 35 miles for work purposes without the need for an additional house being provided?

7. Do you know what an Iron is?

8. Is your TV or Stereo likely to need an upgrade in the next 5 years?

9. Do you have a warped sense of humour OR Do you have a helipad?

10. If you did need two houses to live and work, do you think it possible to designate one as a main home, and stick by that decision for the duration of that employment?

11. If you work in a different place to where you live – do you find yourself, or could you envision, eating twice as much food as you would if you lived more locally to work?

12. Do you know what a pergola is?

Anyone else who wants to is free to answer in the comments, but be warned and very careful, you may inadvertantly prove yourself suitable for a position in Government.

And with the power vested in me by Blogger, I hereby tag CatoSays, Subrosa, Any of the contributors on An All Seeing Eye, John Ward and Scunnert.

For the record:

1. no

2. no

3. no

4. no

5. yes

6. yes

7. yes

8. well over due, but I will survive

9. yes to warped humour, no to helipad

10. I should think so

11. no

12. no idea


Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

I might need a TV with a bullet-proof screen if this goes on much longer.

Well, coffee cup proof anyway.

My neighbours must think I've developed Tourettes.

Blue Eyes said...

AWJT - I have simply stopped reading the news. None of this "story" comes as any kind of surprise because I have been following Guido for years!

As for the meme, Daniel nobody ever "tags" me either so here is a spoonful of empathy for you.

Anonymous said...

I have just found that I am perfect for the job of MP, possibly even a minister.

John M Ward said...

Okay; as you tagged me, I have answered the questions on my own 'blog and invited others to participate if they wish (I don't really go in for tagging others formally — but that's just a quirk of mine).

Tarquin said...

I could definitely do 3

not as an elected member of parliament, mind, but if someone is stupid enough to employ me to do nothing then I won't stop them

All Seeing Eye said...

TheEye has responded and has also tagged some victims. Await the carnage.

Pete said...

Shouldn't 12 read 'portico'?

All Seeing Eye said...

Pete, what type of MP? You should have typed "Portillo" as the biggest mover across the political spectrum of recent times. We had no idea what we'd voted for in hindsight. And he could have become PM.

Anyway on the GOT has posted a set of non-sweary answers on the blog I look after and a similar but sweary version on the blog that he polishes. Mutual conspirator David Vance has also responded to his tag over on ATW. Tory Poppins has yet to post and St Crispin is busy teaching military types to kill things in an posting to Singapore (damn shame, I would have hated going there he lies)

Daniel1979 said...

Thanks to those who answered and/or passed it along... a nice little bit of fun on a grey weekend.

lets hope the next batch of MP's are asked about what they intend to claim before they become MP's.