Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brown On Marr

I watched the Andrew Marr show today, which is something I don't normally do and I caught the interview with Gordon Brown.

Our Prime Minister suggested that the Palace was in some way at fault for expecting an invitation to the D-Day remembrance ceremony this week. He went on to suggest that President Sarkozy had wanted the event to be attended by Presidents and Prime Ministers, not by Royalty.

So I guess what Brown was saying was that the Kings and Queens of France, Russia, and the United States weren't invited either, so no offence should be inferred.

The icing on the cake was that Brown then followed this on by saying that if the Queen was to ask him, he would make sure the arrangements are made. What? Why is the Queen not asked if she wants to attend?

The Queen and Prince Phillip lived through and served in World War 2, the Queen is the only Head of State who saw the war first hand. It is not clear to me whether the French an open invitation that has been claimed by Brown, or if this is some kind of Political grandstanding by a Prime Minister in terminal decline, but the fact is, this has been rumbling on for a week now and it is nothing short of insulting that it could not have been resolved without a public airing.

It is not the first time there has been a memorial service in France, surely there is a protocol that has seen many other services observed and remembered.

Anyway, should the Queen not receive an invitation by tomorrow I suggest she books herself a flight with BA, I had a look and 2 tickets will cost in the region of £400. Perhaps giving the circumstances and the event they, or another airline will offer her the tickets. Then I suggest she books into her own accommodation and then she arrives and attends like all other onlookers and veterans.

In fact as head of the military, perhaps they will lay on a plane.

When the press pack asks why she has had to attend in that manner I think she would be justified to tell them exactly why.

If I am not wrong, The Queen has a meeting Tuesday with Mr Brown at the Palace, perhaps she might like to ask Mr Brown if that is what he wants to happen.


Bill Quango MP said...

AM:”Today on the Andrew Marr show.. The greatest leader in the world..Gordon Brown. Prime Minister.. welcome. A poll out today puts Labour into 3rd place. Are you worried about this development?”

GB: “No. I think that the do nothing Tories will not be getting any votes at all, except from the sheltered duck society.”
AM “I see…was that an attempt at a joke, your magnificence?”
GB: “Yes. I have been in the bunker working on it all week. that’s why I haven’t been around much.”

AM “You Holiness..Do you think you’re failure to take the initiative with regard to thieving MP’s has done your party some harm?”
GB”Andrew. I must correct you. Elliott Morley was caught red handed, with his fingers in the till. Within weeks and weeks I decided that he must stand down at some point. That is a tough decision, that I have taken. And that decision will apply to all Labour MPs who have been really, really really taking the piss.”
AM “Including Cabinet Members, your magnificence?”
GB “Don’t be stupid Marr, of course not. except Blears naturally. She’s so gone.”

Am “Your eminence, will you consider calling a UK election if Labour fail to perform in the euro elections next week?”
GB “No. For three very good reasons. One, I didn’t call an election to be Prime minister, and I was anointed to the position of Prime elections are not necessary Two, I didn’t call an election when I was 10 points ahead of the Tories in the polls, so I don’t see why it would be prudent to do so now. Three, its only Europe. no one cares about that. Anyway the EU loves me since I signed that treaty.”

Am “So to recap, your Majesty, you will be continuing on regardless of anything anyone does, votes, writes, says, prints, screams or flings at you?”
GB “Precisely.”
AM “Aren’t you worried the media will put unbearably pressure on you, your Grace? Not me. Not the BBC. Or the Guardian. Or the Mirror. Or.. well The Daily Mail really?”
GB “No. you see I have given Kim Jong-ill our old Polaris kit and a hundred million quid and told him to mix it up a bit . Keeps the Telegraph trough stories to page two. Plus we have another fake epidemic story ready to go. Andy Burhnam’s been working on ‘Spine flu.’ A new disease that makes your backbone disappear. I have been suffering for years. It will tie up the press into the summer recess at least. Right I’m off to Normandy to smooch Obama. Some sort of historical society get together or something…Carry on Marr”

AM “Jawohl Mein Fuhrer!”

Daniel1979 said...

Excellent Bill.

I should have included in my post the exchange when Marr asked him if he was going to call an election:

AM: Prime Minister, nearly all of the print media now openly say that you should call an election...

GB: I don't think that is what people want me to do...

AM: well, according to all the opinion polls it is.

GB: I still don't think people want me to call a general election

[then I seem to recall he warned Marr not to take stories out of context or some nonsense]

Quite frankly he is an embarrassment to us all.

David Vance said...

Saw it too, Daniel.

Brown's gratuitous insult to HM was let slide by. The issue is whether Brown is a knave or a fool. I think he is both.