Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I was going to start referring to the MP's expenses scandal as "Profligate", and though I would like to claim that as my own, it is day 5 so I would imagine it has already been widely used and I just did not notice.

However, a useful page for all bloggers is here, which contains a list of previously used ...GATE scandal names, so as to help confusion. I may start referring to it myself as we seem to be needing a new ...GATE reference every 2-3 weeks now(Though I note, Jacqui Smith's MasturGATE scandal is missing from this list).


Catosays said...

What about ....'Hoongate'?

subrosa said...

Something no good blogger should be without!

WV : fires lol

scunnert said...

How about dirty, rotten, corrupt, bastards gate?