Friday, May 29, 2009

Question Time Tonight

Caroline Flint who is the Minister for Europe was on Question Time tonight, she is famous, so far as I can tell for two things. Firstly for asking to be taken seriously despite a number of pictures floating around of her posing, in what I assume is supposed to be a seductive manner [but was lost on me] on various loungers.

Secondly for being the Europe Minister and admitting that she has not read the Lisbon Treaty - despite her strongly advocating it's adoption.

So you would think that a Minister, who was previously embarrassed for admitting she has not read a Treaty that fundamentally affects us all and the manner in which we are governed, appearing on a show called Question Time might have prompted the question one week before European Elections "Have you read the Lisbon Treaty yet?".... but alas, it did not.

So I am still none the wiser, I suspect the answer is no.

Daniel Hannan and Nigel Farage were good value and Sir Paul Judge popped up in the audience with a question of his own for Nigel.


Tarquin said...

Yeah what the hell was Paul Judge doing there?

Not that I mind, but Dimbleby must have realised who it was

Tory Poppins said...

I thought it was a good show. Also surprised to see Paul Judge put in his 'two-penneth' which I wasn't particularly impressed with to be honest.
Though Hannan and Farrage were on top form. Particularly enjoyed Farrage having a go at Flint over immigration numbers.
She, conversely, was pathetic . . .typical uninspiring, weak Labour drivvel!

AProlefrom1984 said...

I wonder if the audience were Labour & Lib Dem members. They seemed delighted that lots of people had flooded into inner city areas making it impossible for Brits of all ethnic backgrounds to get schools for their kids and jobs.
And is Paul Judge pro EU? he seemed more concerned with bothering Farage than the other Euro federalist rabble. And the people booing Farage when he made perfectly logical points? I think some parties manipulate Question Time audience numbers to make it seem the public think a certain way. The vote on Thursday won't depend on the weird audience on QT yesterday.
And Paul Judge's performance just confirmed my suspicion that Jury Team is a Conservative Central office sponsored spoiler targeting potential anti EU votes.