Monday, May 25, 2009

Recommended Reading

Here is my latest recommended reading list.

Please note, I do not necessarily agree with these posts and articles, however I found them sufficiently interesting to warrant a recommendation:

The All Seeing Eye reveals some things you might not have known about the BBC, here.

Martin on Jury Team Blog says David Cameron is seeking to remake the Conservative Party into the Jury Team, here.

Iain Dale reviews Boris Johnson's latest article and asks how can we revive parliament, here.

Jeff on SNP Tactical Voting launches a campaign to get his blog linked on Iain Dale's Blogroll, pointing out that with Nadine Dorries' Blog being 'taken down' there is a vacancy, here.

Daniel Hannan on the 18 MEPs who will be elected on full salary but do not have a job to do, unless the Lisbon Treaty comes into force, here.


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