Monday, November 16, 2009

An Interesting Thought

With David Miliband not taking an EU job there were unsurprisingly a few whispers that there might be another coup attempt in the offing somewhen before the next elections.  I personally do not think an attempt will now be made to usurp the Prime Minister.  The plotters have already failed to remove the least most popular Prime Minister in recent history, which really shows what little strength they truly have.  Besides, any challenge would almost certainly now trigger an early General Election rather than a leadership contest and too many Labour MP's stand to lose too much money if they get sent home early.

Anyway, the keen eye is on Ministers and ex-Ministers to see who will move first, and who is posturing now ready for a post General Election Labour leadership bid.  There is one candidate that no one has yet mentioned as a future leader of the opposition.  Gordon Brown.

It seems to be assumed that following an electoral drubbing Gordon Brown will step down as leader.  But why?  The man is quite delusional when it comes to his outlook on most things.  He swore that the UK was best placed of all EU and G8 countries to weather his recession.... look how wrong he was, but look also at how he believed it to be true.  He also thinks he has saved the world, and that only he and his mroal compass know what is best for country and party.  Labour failed to step up and remove Brown when they had the opportunity to.  They listened to Gordon's tears rather than what the country wanted.  With a reduced number of MPs in the next Parliament, possibly under 180 seats in total, the task of forced removal may actually be even harder than now under Labour Party rules.  Gordon Brown may just see it as his duty to stay on, he will probably assert that he is the only person who could lead the Labour Party back to past glory, and it may be old hands in safe seats that control that balance and allow him that opportunity.  How will messers Miliband, Straw and Johnson react to that?

Just something to think about.


Anonymous said...

I've thought all along that they will leave it right up until the last minute. Probably just after Christmas they will announce he is standing down for some such nonsense and as it's Janu8ary - no need to have an early election as the new PM will be getting on with a difficult job... just wait.

Tarquin said...

I worry it'll happen - him skulking off having never fought an election - surely the most shameful act in British political history

I want my chance to throw him out on his arse, we are only going to get one day to even face this despicable man, he can't deny us that