Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Recommended Reading - Conservatives, Lisbon And Referendums Special Edition - 04-Nov-09

Why go churning around the Internet when all of the best links are already here?

Here is a special Recommended Reading where the texts are proboably only valid until 4pm today, and is focused on The Conservatives, Lisbon and the referendum that never was.

Daniel Hannan says a referendum now on Lisbon may well no longer be the most logical option, but a broad repatriation of powers is essential.

Roger Helmer says that David Cameron gave a pledge without ifs, buts or conditions and that there should still be one.

Iain Martin says that this is the week British Euroskepticism was defeated.

Doug Carswell says we need a referendum on Europe to give people a say.

David Davis writes for the Daily Mail today and says that Cameron can still have a referendum.

ConservativeHome says 66% of people responded in their poll that Cameron should still hold a referendum, and that David Davis, John Redwood and Michael Howard are the most trusted people to spearhead any negotiations with the EU.

Gerald Warner thinks Cameron is the first British leader to have ratted on his commitments BEFORE taking office, and that Conservatives should consider forefeiting their votes.

Danny Finkelstein says get it straight, Cameron is a real Euroskeptic; just a different kind of Euroskeptic to what we might be used to.

Stuart Sharpe thinks it's a bit rich that Labour and Lib Dems are crowing over the Conservative position, when they were the ones that did the dirty on the electorate in the first place.

James Cleverly says wait and see what David Cameron has to say before going "off on one".

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