Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Birth Of The Albion Alliance

James Higham on Nourishing Obscurity has been busy in recent days, and has launched a new initiative which I wanted to make people aware of. Today is the launch of The Albion Alliance.

It will be a grass-roots movement built on the principles of freedom, self-determination and common sense with loyalty to the country and asking it’s people to be above party politics.

It is an effort to unite across political parties in and is hoping to get as many people involved as possible to gather and push hard for:

1. The end of Labour in office

2. An immediate national referendum on our membership of the European Union as it is currently constituted.

3. To work with each other, rather than stand against one another.

The best way to get involved and find out more is to join the group’s mailing list and have a look at the website. Ian Parker-Joseph, leader of the Libertarian Party UK is on board and has penned this linked post on why he feels we need such an alliance.

In principle this sounds like a great idea so I will be keeping an eye on the group and will bring updates on any exciting news.  My feeling has been for a long time now that the anti-EU movement in the UK is too fragmented and easily manipulated and out manoeuvred by the will of the traditional political parties.  Any effort to bring an end to this is worth some attention in my book.


Barking Spider said...

I've re-posted this from the website, too, Daniel, but I notice in the comments over there that the usual self-serving, over-complicating, wet blankets are trying to pour cold water on it before it starts!
They make me want to fucking puke!!

James Higham said...

Thanks, Daniel. Let's hope it gets somewhere.