Friday, November 20, 2009

More Lies; Three Months Later Megrahi Lives

It has been three months since Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al-Megrahi was released from a Scottish prison and sent home to Libya to see out the final three months of his life in his home country.

Today, Al-Megrahi lives, and according to Guido has been discharged from the medical centre that was treating him. Seems he is not so close to death after all.

The Governments in Westminster and Edinburgh have lied to the people of the UK about this story. Leaked Ministerial documents to the Sunday Times showed that the view from the UK Government was that it was in the "overwhelming interests of the United Kingdom" that the convicted terrorist be released. At the same time a long standing negotiation between Libya and BP that had been running for many months hit the rocks.  The conclusion of the UK Government was of course linked to the oil deal.  Gordon Browns government made the decision to release Al-Megrahi and very soon afterwards the Libya/BP deal was concluded.

The Sunday Times claim that it was in fact Jack Straw who pushed for a U-turn. They claim that two letters dated five months apart showed that Al-Megrahi was not under any consideration for release, though there was a British-Libyan prisoner exchange on the table. The Libyans ramped up the pressure on the BP deal, and included Al-Megrahi as a condition.

Upon his release Saif Gadaffi insisted that Al-Megrahi's release HAD been linked to the oil deal, yet the UK Government still denies this. Said Gadaffi concluded “Nobody doubted Libya wanted BP and BP was confident its commitment would go through. But the timing of the final authority to spend real money was dependent on politics.”

In case you are wondering, £15 Billion is the estimated profit BP will make from the oil deal. And in the end it took just a few weeks for our Governments to stitch up a deal that sold our principles and belief down the river for the associated tax revenues of an oil deal. There was no vote in Parliament, no public debate, no consultation with the families of the victims of The Lockerbie Slaughter. This is just how politics is done in Britain today.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

I'm glad to hear that, I did feel a bit sorry for him, but was secretly expecting him to do an Erich Honecker-style miraculous recovery.