Monday, November 02, 2009

Octobers Top Referrals

Thanks to all for linking here and for all the traffic.  In continuing with my recent traditions here is my top referrals list for October.  The brackets show the movement from last month.

1.  (=) Letters From A Tory

2.  (=) The Voice Of The Resistance

3.  (=) Unenlightened Commentary

4.  (+5) Scunnert Nation

5.  (-1) An All Seeing Eye

6.  (NEW) Muffled Vociferation

7.  (-2) Rantin Rab

8.  (-2) EU Referendum

9.  (+1) Calling England

10.  (=) John M Ward

11. Subrosa, 12. Daily Referendum,  13. Events Dear Boy, Events,  14. Twitter,  15. CatoSays,  16. SNP Tactical Voting,  17. The Barking Spider  18,  My Own Doubts,  19.  The Red Rag,  =20., =20.  Lord Elvis.

I always like to say thanks for linking here, and a little link-love is always appreciated.

Elsewhere on the stats, Google hits have dropped, but Blogger & Direct hits are up.  The introduction of the re-tweet function has brought Twitter hits up again, so thanks to all who have used this function to post a link on your twitter feeds.

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Tarquin said...

One day I will work out a blogroll...