Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I don't have all the details, and will try to follow up later in the week, but a further £39 BILLION was committed to the failed banks which are being propped up by UK PLC.

That's £39 Billion borrowed against the coffers that me and thee will need to service the interest on and probably end up paying back.

The announcement was made last night, leaked from Downing Street to media sources, and not I might add announced to Parliament first.  £39 Billion.  Not only was it not announced there, there was no debate there either.

£39 Billion.  Good news though, Lloyds and RBS bankers are deferring their bonuses for three years.  No wait, not good news, unsurprising news.  Hardly a slap down is it for failing, they will still get the bonuses, they will just be deferred for a bit.

3rd November 2009... A really shitty day in the history of this country.

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Sue said...

It is a crappy day for democracy. The banks shouldn't have been bailed out in the first place. All they have done since the bailout is continue to take the piss!

We don't have the money, we are so far up to our necks in debt its a wonder we'll ever get out.

Scorched Earth, NOTHING! Total fucking annihilation is where the labour party have taken us!